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Helping Hands of Paulding County

Financial Assistance

By Appointment ONLY – on Tuesdays

Clients will only be given appointments after visiting with a case manager (intake process) and after their application process is complete.

Burden of VERIFIABLE PROOF belongs with the client.

All information provided will be subject to verification.

It is the Client’s responsibility to provide all documents listed below to Helping Hands in a timely manner – your application will not progress until the information is provided and your file is complete. 


  • Monthly income must be equal to or more than Monthly Household Expenses
  • Client MUST have a completed file prior to applying for financial assistance
  • 3 Months Bank Statements showing transactions: Checking, Savings, etc.
  • Current Proof of Household Monthly Income
  • Client must reside at their current residence for 6 months.
  • Client’s Name MUST be on the bill.
  • Statement of Crisis, Emergency and/or Circumstances
  • ALL current Monthly Household expenses:
  • Current Lease/Mortgage (statement of status) from Lender / Landlord
  • Current Monthly Expenses – ALL ITEMIZED BILLS 
    Electric, Gas, Water, Car payment (s), Car Insurance, Child Support, Loans, Telephone, Cell Phone, Cable, Internet, Childcare, Life insurance, prescriptions, Section 8 papers with Utility Assistance, Garnishment, etc …

Appointments are only made by the receptionist, at the request of the case manager during regular operating hours, Monday – Friday, 09:30 am to 2:30 pm